CRM for Education

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”

Given by Christine Gregoire. On just hearing the word “Education”, the first thing that pops up on our mind is “Knowledge gain”. Everyone of us know the value of education and countless words are written daily about its importance. Not only now, Philosophers of all periods, beginning with ancient stages had devoted a great deal of attention to education.

There are countless educational institutions available worldwide, which provides the biggest contribution to empower the future generations. Even though education is different from other business, still the success of an institution bounded to the customer’s satisfaction. Here the customers are your students and the goods you provide them is knowledge. However to provide the higher quality of education, many educational institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with students, their parents, employers, staff, alumni and more. As well, nowadays the ‘clients’ i.e. students are demanding more attention and instant services and so on. So to cater all your demand in an effective way, here comes Joforce : An Open Source CRM.

Get a complete info in one place

The critical feature of an any institution is to provide an effective record management in order to ensure that, accurate and proper records are backed up for student achievement and growth, institutional activities and accurate insights that will promote the institutional efficiency and effectiveness. To be effective, Joforce provides you a centralized data storage to store all the details about the institution far away from your expectation. While you are accessing, it gives you a 360 degree view of an institutional records and reduces the workload of administration.

Track your student progress

Analysing students progress is an excellent way to maintain a reputation among society. In this case you need to collect the set of data for every individuals, i.e students in order to know their performance as well as interests. Joforce makes it easier to track the student’s records and progress in debt to render a more accuracy in building institutional efficacy as well as students analysis.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Retain your student records

Success of education is hidden behind students retention and satisfaction. Each and every students are unique on their own way. Institution is a zone to stimulate their interest and knowledge. The storage access of an education sector should be much interactive and efficient. Joforce helps to maintain their up-to-date records of an every individual student. It promotes an institutional sector to make use of their students records at an appropriate time. In addition it pave the way to make their institution brand more famous and attract other learner to retain their profile of alumni, athletes and much more.

Collaborative campus

Institution success not only depends on single department, but also it includes interconnection of various departments to get aware of all the departmental activities. Joforce caters to the need of attaining a right data at right time to ensure a massive connection between their departments. It improves the efficiency of data handling and render a quick accessible to the whole campus in order to minimise their time consumption.