CRM in Finance

There might be countless reasons, why any organisations invest in a CRM strategy. Inefficient Process, Higher customer churn, Minimal collaboration between employees are just few examples. A well-planned and professionally implemented CRM strategy will increase any organisation’s likelihood of success by improving marketing, sales, services, customer experience and more.

But with all this on one part, what a CRM system can do for companies in financial and banking sector?

Technological advancements and the deregulation of financial services have empowered people with multiple choices and created a fierce competition among financial sectors. Traditional banking services like mortgages are increasingly offered with discount while the highly profitable, fee-generating products like investments are obtained by customers through self-services that doesn’t exist in olden days. Nowadays, many customers maintain financial services with more than one finance company or bank. As well, the one that most of the financial institutions struggle with is keeping track of up-to-date information of all the customers. Sometimes, a simple misconception may result in bad customer experience. To address all these imperatives, Financial institutions has to find a solution to attract and retain customers and to increase profit. Well, Say hello Joforce : An Open Source CRM, that avails you to identify & understand your customer needs and you can get the up-to-date and more relevant information. It provides you the right tools to deliver the right service, at the right time which results in increased accuracy and superior clarity of all your customer info.

one place to leads contacts

Bundled Info

“Data” is an essential asset for any business organisation, especially for financial institution. This might include information about customer’s contacts, financial details of each and every customer and much more. How you input, retrieve and use that data can be simply a time consuming expense. Joforce pave the way to view and manage all your contacts, accounts and leads in a single location. This enables your employees to be more productive and spend more time with clients rather than hunting for information.

Visualise your team progress

With the more intuitive and interactive High charts in dashboards, you can have a clear insight about your team performance and progress. You can easily keep track of all the customer’s informations, account details, transaction progress of the clients and much more. It helps in efficient analysis all your employee progress and enables you to take quality decisions to reach your organisational goals.

track your performance

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

workflow management

Delight your customers

Customer expectations are always an increasing factor nowadays. To make your customers better satisfied, you need to ensure that all your consumers are more informed about all your products. With Joforce you can easily meet all customer expectations by having as much information as possible for your products. Joforce provides you a simple and convenient way to maintain all your eCommerce store info in a single unified window.