CRM for HealthCare

Remember the last time, when you had a sore throat that went on for weeks and finally ended up without any improvements? Or may be any other infections? Chances are! By the time, we all definitely approached any of the healthcare organisation for treatment. So definitely healthcare system has a place of honour in it’s own way.

Nowadays every consumers i.e patients are shifting the healthcare landscape by demanding more from the health providers. As consumers are realizing the power of more choices available than ever and everyone is being more selective about the high quality care provided by the health organisations. However, shifting the focus from faceless numbers like admission rates to things that increase the quality of healthcare such as building a better relationship with patients can actually help healthcare organisation to deliver the outstanding care to their patients. Then how it can be achieved ? Does CRM helps to do this ? Sure. Joforce : An Open Source CRM could make this a lot more easier.

safe secure management data

Secure and safe management of patient data

In relevant, medical records should contain sufficient and legible information to demonstrate clearly about the treatment courses and contains sufficient information to identify the patient details, support the diagnosis, justify the treatment results accurately. To do so successfully, Joforce is an exclusive solution to maintain all the consumers i.e patients lists, medicine contributor records, as well as treatment details for corresponding patients and much more. All the records should be maintained confidentially in order to avoid risks. It allows you to access all relevant information from a single place.

360 degree Coordinated Care

Monitor the patient’s with informations, that are shared mutually among various assessors and deliver the coordinated patient care throughout the organisation with easy access. Coordinate your care with Joforce, let you to get a complete picture of a particular patient’s case such as medical history, past and present care plans, tests, diagnosis and much more. It involves deliberately organising patient care activities and sharing the information among all of the participants concerned with a patient’s care to achieve safer and effective care.

360 degree coordinated care

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

scheduled care

Schedule all your activities

Staff employee scheduling demands the utmost system efficiency, when it comes to manage the scheduling and creating accurate work schedules for staff and physicians is a daunting task. To overcome this, Joforce allows you to schedule your patients events, appointments, shifts for medicine and much more. When these schedulings are maintained in a proper way, it provide a positive impact among the patients and render a updated records for an health care.