CRM for Insurance

Over the past decade, customer behaviour and expectations have drastically changed due to the ever changing technological innovations. Nowadays many organisations are striving harder to attract and retain their customers. Like any other service oriented business, insurance companies have also seen the need to increase the importance of the customer and their retention. But being in the state of permanent transformations, it is difficult for insurance companies to know and understand each and every customers.

However “Customers” are one of the most valuable asset for any business. That’s why we should focus on building a reliable relationship with our customers. It involves co-ordinated work of several departments as well as timely collection of all the relevant and up-to-date information about the customers. Therefore a comprehensive CRM system can help you to take the advantage of the opportunity to become customer-centric and improve the service quality. Joforce : An Open Source CRM to satisfy all your needs. With Joforce, you can easily achieve this, a customer-centric company, optimize your sales efforts, strengthen your customer loyalty and much more

Render a giant information access

Keeping track of all your customers and prospect details in papers can be tedious and a time consuming task. No worries, No more paper works any more. Joforce provides you with a unlimited storage access to maintain all the records of your insurance industry like cash transaction, client’s history, insured records and much more.

Automate all your repetitive task

If we ask any Insurance agent about their work life cycle, they will list a pile of task like policy renewals, lead follow up, monitoring policy application statues, new client onboarding, paperwork and much more. When these tasks are handled manually, it’s not only inefficient, but there’s the possibility of missing some of the important info. In order to overcome these drawbacks, Joforce enables you to have automated workflows. By automating the most repetitive task, your agents can concentrate on things that matters and enables them to be more productive.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Plan your work

Beyond just collecting the contact details, a good CRM will help you to keep track of all your appointments and other important to-do’s. The integration of Google Calendar with Joforce, you can seamlessly sync all your events and keep track of it efficiently. Now you no longer need to miss any of your important official or personal or any other work.