CRM in Manufacturing

Like any other industry, manufacturing industries has seen significant transformation in the last two decades. The concept of “manufacturing today” and selling it for next few years, is no longer helpful. Although the manufacturing schedule exists for the following years, it should be flexible enough to handle last minute changes as customer trends are increasingly changing. This is where manufacturing industries need to make accurate forecast for sales based on market trends. How we can achieve this?

“CRM” in manufacturing industries – Is a fact that it helps in achieving the unique needs in relation with projecting market trends, communication with customers, analysing the customer data to create new products and much more. As well, CRM made it easier for companies to get through the complete customer information and to have detailed overview of the customer needs and requirements for better customer satisfaction. Joforce, made it possible to achieve all this in one place. The more intuitive dashboard helps you to visualize your sales info and enables you to take quality business decisions.

better data management

Complete data access

With so much interaction of data beyond the firewall, protecting sensitive data is critical for the manufacturing sector. In order to avoid criticalness, Joforce provides you a massive storage capacity to handle the customer’s history, product stocks, raw material stockings, other manufacturing industries details and much more. It paves the way to reduce the time for searching the information and boost your productivity.

Track your campaign activities

In the past, it was nearly impossible to keep track of each and every issuance and response to every marketing campaign. This made it difficult to evaluate which prospects had received or responded to which campaigns. The responsive campaign are created using an unique CRM – Joforce, with the help of campaigns sales people are made to know about what materials have been sent, and, at what critical stage the prospect is within the buying cycle.

track campaign management

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connected data access

Connected data approach

Coordination among various departments is essential to promote the industry to an high level aspects. When the data’s are accessed simultaneously among the departments, it render an absolute way to minimise the time consuming for accessing the data. Joforce provide you an customizable data access to share the data forum with an various departments. Thus it reduces the accessing time for an information and avoid a conflict among producers and clients.