CRM in Real Estate

It’s quite hard to imagine how real estate agents manage to do all their task without leaving any thing behind. They may handle different set like task like monitoring various area, searching for new clients, links people to the property they need, and loads of document processing and more, phew! Really more work loads, right? So, what is the smarter way to handle all these process in one place?

Definitely, a CRM. It enables you and your team to effectively service all of your clients and should be able to maintain the real estate portals, generate your brochures, stock lists and much more. You can easily keep in touch with all your customers in a single unified window. Joforce – An open source CRM helps to manage all your workload, contacts, client interaction, sales forecast and various other critical process more efficiently than before.

tons information one place

Tons of information in one place

Get rid of your register maintenance and excel sheets, organize all your business information and activities at single platform with Joforce. It records all your contact details and manage your relationship with buyers and sellers. Organise all your property listings and keep the relevant information in one place, from addresses and prices to contracts. With these you can gain more customers and render an efficient workplace in a smarter steps.

Campaign to drive sales

Every real estate business needs a campaign management system to streamline the process of creating great looking, high performing property marketing materials to bring consistency for their brand and take off the burden from their employees. To revolutionise your real estate sector, Joforce lets you to track all your expenses in one place. It’s easier for you to manage and also makes of sharing final costs with clients and your finance team more straightforward.

campaign to drive sales

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

keep touch past clients

Keep in touch with past clients

Many agents might think the primary purpose of a real estate is to help cultivate and manage new prospects. While that is a key benefit, don’t forget about that group of people who already know you and your services well: your past clients. Stay connected with Joforce, it renders all the customer’s info in an unified window and remain in touch to grab a new clients make their brand more popular in the society.

Delight your customers

In addition of collecting customer’s history, some more task are automated in a real estate sectors like following up with leads, delegating tasks to staff and holding them accountable, communicating with clients and vendors, task reminders and much more. Automate your workflow with Joforce, you can set up a workflow to automatically delegate task to the appropriate employees. It improves accountability and easier to hold their job.

manage workflow