CRM in Retail Industry

Gone are the days, when we walked into a regular brick and mortar store, looking for a thing and perhaps couldn’t find what we’re looking for. The journey of fashion is on it’s way from “Need” to “Want” and now to “Aspire”, as consumers are backed up by the ever growing and changing tech trends. And nowadays many retailers are struggling to achieve or maintain good communications with existing customers and prospective clients. However, retailer’s relationship with their customer is the key for repeat visits, brand loyalty and ultimately more sales. How we can create a winning formula? CRM.

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) in Retail industry is not a new concept, but it’s essential in maintaining one’s business. A CRM would act as a central hub that helps you to organize your sales, marketing and customer service process in one place. Here comes, Joforce : An Open Source CRM, which helps you to deliver a personalized top-notch customer experience by aligning all your sales and marketing process in a single unified window.

centralised dossier

Centralized dossier

Knowing the complete information about your customer’s is the foundation of an expert customer service and it provides retailers with a clear competitive edge. Retailers must be more concerned in storing the informations like customer’s contacts, various retailers contacts, stock and sales records and much more. With Joforce, you can maintain all these info in one place which pave the way to easy data access.

Get a holistic view

Get complete insight about sales funnel, planned activities, products, stock quantity, sales pipeline and much more – All in on unifies window. Joforce render an excellent feature of reflecting the information regarding retail industry, sales forecasting, customer lists and much more in a simple diagrammatical form. With an aggregate view, you can perform an accurate analysis and maintain the strategical approach to reach the goals of your organisations.

get holistic view

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

stay touch with customers

Stay in touch with customers

Customer loyalty is strongly linked with repeated purchases and also their relative attitudes. Increase the retention of customers by serving them in a more focused and convenient way. To maintain a bond with your customers, Joforce renders feature to maintain each and every bit of details about a customer, hence it helps in reduced searching and correlating customers and to predict customer needs effectively and increase the profits of business.