How to work with Delivery Notes

Create Delivery Note from Delivery Notes module

For easy accessing the module, make it as a menu inside inventory using Menu Manager.

  • Go to Inventory → Delivery Notes.
  • Select Add Delivery Note to create a new delivery note.
  • Start filling all the fields and save it.
  • You can deliver products by selecting the Deliver products button showing in the record detail view.


  • Edit the number of products to be delivered inside the pop up window and click on Save.
  • Now the Status in Details changed as ‘Delivered’.
  • You can now invoice the delivered products, to do that click on the Invoice products button.
  • It’ll show the edit view of the Invoice record.
  • Fill all mandatory fields and save the record.
  • In the Delivery Notes record details, the Status was changed as ‘Invoiced’.


    • Click on the Cancel Delivery Note to cancel the delivery note.
    • It’ll show a pop up window with the reason of cancelation.


  • Once you click save, the delivery note will be canceled and the Status in details changed to ‘Canceled’.

Edit Preferences

The settings to enable Services are turned off by default. To make it active,

  • In the delivery module, go to Customize and click on PreferenceSelection.
  • Select Edit and enable the checkboxes of ‘Services enabled’ and ‘Update warehouse on delivery enabled’ to update Qty. in Stock field.


  • Save the changes.

Create Delivery Notes from Sales Order

  • Go to Inventory → Sales Orders.
  • Select one record from the Sales Order list view.
  • In the Sales Order record detail view, you have the Delivery Overview block.


  • Click on Create Delivery Note and it’ll show a pop up window. Here set the quantity of products to deliver.
  • Now click on Create Delivery Note.
  • After you create delivery notes, you can deliver products either from the Sales Order or Delivery Notes module.

Deliver products from Sales Order

  • Click on Deliver Products to deliver the products. It’ll open a pop up showing the products with its quantity.
  • Enable the checkbox of the product and click on Deliver.

Deliver products directly from Delivery Notes

  • You can deliver products only if the status is ‘Ready to Deliver’.
  • Click on Deliver products in Sales Order detail view.
  • In the pop up window, set the product quantity and click on Save.
  • To invoice all delivered products, you have two options:

Invoice products from Sales Order

  • Click on Invoice products, it’ll pop up a window.
  • Here check the products and click on the Create Invoice button.
  • It directs to the edit view of Invoice.
  • Fill out the fields you want and save the Invoice.
  • You can view the created invoice lists inside the Invoice block present in your Sales Order record detail view.

Invoice products from Delivery Notes

  • In the Delivery Notes detail view, click on Invoice products.
  • It’ll open the edit view of the Invoice record.
  • Fill the required fields and save the record. The Invoice record is successfully created now.
  • You can view Delivery Notes listed inside the Delivery Notes block in the Invoice record.
  • In the Delivery Notes module record detail view, you can view the Status showing as ‘Invoiced’ inside Details.

Create Delivery Notes from Invoice

  • Select one Invoice record to view it in Detail view.
  • On the bottom of the record you can have the Delivery Overview widget.


  • Click on the Create Delivery Note and set the quantity of the product in the popup window.
  • After that, click on Create Delivery Note. The Delivery Note is created now.