How to Create Tickets inside Organizations

Custom Tickets Widget in Joforce Organizations

If you enable the ‘SmackWidgetAccountTickets’ module, the custom Tickets widgets are automatically added in the Organizations record Summary view.

  • Go to the Organizations module in Joforce and select one record.
  • In the record Summary view, Custom Tickets Widget is added.
  • It’ll display records in Tickets Widget if Tickets are related to the Organizations record.



Create Tickets inside Organizations

JoforceCRM Widget Account Tickets enables you to create new tickets for the Organizations record.

    • In the Organizations record summary view, Click on the Add icon to quick create Tickets.


  • It’ll show the Quick Create Ticket pop up window.


  • Here provide the Title, Assigned to , Priority, Status and Description.
  • Then save the Ticket.
  • You can view the created tickets in Tickets block inside Organizations record detail view. It’ll list all the related Tickets of that Organizations record.
  • Once you create a Ticket inside Organizations module, it’ll be saved in your JoforceCRM Tickets module.