CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source

Version : 1.5 & above

Joforce CRM Asterisk Connector

Product version 1.0

Dial and receive calls from your customers within Joforce CRM using Joforce CRM Asterisk Connector. Better assist your customers and make a tight bond with them.

  • Make outgoing calls from Joforce with just a click of the call icon.
  • Notified with instant popup alert when you receive a call from the customer.
  • Auto-records your calls with prospects that can be used for future reference.
  • View logs for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Monitor complete conversation history in a single interface.
$499 – 999

Single domain

1 Year Free Support & Upgrade

Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)


Joforce Asterisk Integration
  • Maintain a good relationship with customers and enhance your customer services with Joforce and Asterisk Integration.
  • Receive a pop-up alert instantly for every call and capture your customer as Leads or Contacts.
  • Make calls from Joforce CRM to your prospects in a single click.
  • Either attend or reject your prospects' calls on your own choice.
Set up Dial plan for your CRM users
  • Avoid time delays to attend your customer calls.
  • Define rules for CRM users about who can make or receive calls from your CRM.
  • Options to dial, answer or hang up your prospect calls for efficient peer-user communication.
Review reports of every call
  • Monitor and analyze your call records within a central unified window.
  • Make better decisions with accurate records of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Get a better insight about the total calls you attend, not answered calls, and more with the Joforce CRM Asterisk Connector intuitive dashboard.
View complete call history
  • Track calls inside Joforce CRM using the Contacts details.
  • Shows the call duration with the exact time.
  • It auto-records calls to use as a reference later if you want to know about any details. You can also replay calls you want to hear inside the Calls module.
  • Joforce Asterisk connector shows the call status to let you know whether the call is ringing or completed, or busy.
Asterisk for Joforce CRM Pre-requisites
  • Joforce CRM Asterisk Connector supports Asterisk version 1.8.* & 11.* and Joforce version 1.4.*.
  • Asterisk connector and CRM need to be on the same server or MySQL needs to be open to access from the server where Asterisk installed.
  • With the Joforce CRM Asterisk Integration, you can make calls easily & replay the auto-recorded calls whenever you need for further analysis.

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