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Version: 6.5,7.0,7.1,7.2

Joforce MailChimp Plus Integration

Product version 1.0

Improve your conversions, sales and enhance productivity with Joforce CRM MailChimp Plus Integration. It performs automated workflow-based data sync.

  • Mailchimp Lists sync to JoforceCRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts bidirectionally.
  • Mailchimp Campaigns sync as JoforceCRM Campaigns bidirectionally.
  • Get Mailchimp Campaign reports details inside Joforce.
  • Track each Mailchimp List growth activity within JoforceCRM.
  • Sync any particular records from JoforceCRM to Mailchimp
  • Specify your own workflows to add/remove Mailchimp Lists, Subscribers.
  • Able to create Mailchimp Lists, Campaigns, inside Joforce CRM.
  • Add multiple Segments, Tags, WebHooks, Groups, and Groupings for the List inside Joforce.
  • Sync Tags, Segments, Webhooks, Groups, and Groupings bidirectionally along with the Lists.
  • Update your changes done inside Joforce to Mailchimp in just a click.
  • Easily unsubscribe, subscribe and remove subscribers from your Mailchimp List directly inside JoforceCRM.
  • Sync data automatically between Joforce CRM and email marketing tool Mailchimp.
  • Multilingual with support for 16 languages.
  • Secure sync with Mailchimp API version 3.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support & Upgrade
Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)

Sync Flow between Joforce and Mailchimp

Sync List

Joforce CRM mailing list is synced with the MailChimp mailing list in both directions. Able to create a new List inside Joforce and send that to MailChimp.

Campaign Sync

Sync every MailChimp campaign info to Joforce CRM in one go. Now analyze the campaign results while staying inside the CRM.

Subscribers Sync

Send MailChimp subscribers info to Joforce CRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. You can control which data needs to sync to where by setting up the configuration initially.

Products Demo

Product Demo

Give it a try now. Configure which data to sync, fetch data from MailChimp, map the fields, and start to sync the records between Joforce and MailChimp.

highlighed Features


Reliable & flexible data sync
  • Perform secure and safe records sync with Joforce CRM MailChimp Plus Integration.
  • Easy to sync Campaigns, Leads, Contacts, and Accounts records info to the appropriate MailChimp Campaigns, and Subscribers.
  • Secure connection between your MailChimp and Joforce via MailChimp API.
  • Mirrors your every data update or modification in Joforce automatically to MailChimp.
Monitor & analyze MailChimp Campaign reports
  • Keep track of your target audience activities by viewing MailChimp Campaign Report details inside Joforce.
  • Get to know the click rates, opens, bounced, unsubscribed, and more info about a particular campaign.
  • Now avoid multiple MailChimp login to view campaign reports.
Inspect Data Sync
  • It may have some possibilities that you may lose data during sync due to connectivity barriers. With the logs inside Joforce MailChimp Integration, you can easily get to know the sync status of records.
  • Joforce MailChimp Integration makes you prepared by letting you preserve the sync logs.
Accurate sync with fields mapping
  • Auto-maps MailChimp fields with the corresponding Joforce CRM fields.
  • Modify the field mapping with customizable field relations.
Scheduled records sync
  • Manage records sync by scheduling to run at specific periodic intervals.
  • Control how often the Lists get sync between JoforceCRM and MailChimp.
  • Receive all information about MailChimp Lists and Campaigns inside Joforce without login into your MailChimp.

Why integrate Joforce CRM and MailChimp

Here you know why we need to integrate Joforce CRM with MailChimp. You can boost up your business productivity with this integration by selling the right products at the right time to the right customer. Find the reasons below.